Engineering Finesse



JJA is a multi disciplinary, boutique, Building Services Engineering Company specialised in projects that are complex, highly technical, innovative, challenging and environmentally responsible.  We are a company that is renowned in the industry for consistently providing comprehensive design documentation that is meticulously accurate along with demonstration our unprecedented knowledge of the building industry’s evolving technology. 

JJA has a group of highly motivated and qualified staff who are an integral part of the business and are dedicated to maintain the value and quality we provide to the industry and exception results for our clients.



Major Projects


V5 & V6 - Convesso Concarvo Twin Towers. 500 Luxury apartments buildings in Docklands precinct.

CLIENT - Lendlease | VALUE - $M280

Major Projects


Brand new BMW Brighton car show room & service centre

CLIENT - Stillwell BMW | VALUE - $M9.5

Major Projects


Melbourne's 2nd International airport
built from ground up.

CLIENT - Linfox Property Group | VALUE - $M45





Established in 1990, the success of the business to date is the result of building a loyal client base attracted by mutual values, common objectives, customer focus and a vision for excellence in the industry.

We always strive to exceed our client's expectations; as such, innovation and utilisation of the latest technologies are driving forces in the formulation of our design; while functionality and unique appreciation of aesthetics are valued trademarks of our services.

Our surveys shows that clients who engages our services quote our to ability to meet challenging project demands, the pursuits of quality, dependability and an uncompromising commitment to standards as reasons for continuing to do business with JJA.




The driving forces for JJA Consulting Group from inception was to distinguish itself by delivering excellence in customer service, provide uncompromising standard of engineering finesse with integrated multi-discipline capability and knowledge unmatched by our competitors.

This was the vision on commencement of the business, and remains the vision during all stage of our development to date.

One of our highest goals is to be recognised within the consulting engineering fraternity for making a significant contribution to the improvement or re-invention of engineering principles and designs that would achieve higher performances and efficiencies.



The service provided by JJA Consulting Group is characterised by an unswerving commitment to providing our clients with exceptional personal attention, excellence in design and the experience of an optimal system performance upon project completion.

We enjoy a reputation across the industry for continually producing documentation that is accurate and comprehensive in details, which is a feat unrivalled in the industry.

With our vast experience and commanding knowledge of the building industry, our understanding of client's business risks and our forward thinking culture, makes us the ideal partner in your next design team.





Fundamental to our objectives is assisting our clients to be successful; to this end we will work with our clients to understand their objectives and seek to provide value beyond basic engineering consulting services.

Our philosophy is that:
".....if our clients are successful, we too will be successful".